Pep! is the home of 10 second pep talks, created by you!

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Not everyone has access to one of the most important resources you can get: support. Pep! meets the needs of those who might not have friends, family or a community to give them the encouragement and affirmation they need to do their best. 
We all need to hear it. Pep! is the place for you to say it. And whether you're a famous athlete, a professional life coach, a mom on a mission, or a 5-year-old with spunk, your video could make a difference in someone's day...maybe even change their life. 
 First day of school? Covered. Job interview? Got it. Struggling with anxiety? We have a whole Playlist. We publish Pep! Talks for every situation. No matter what you're going through, if you have 10 seconds, we can help. 

You can do it!   We believe in you!

Pep! is the #1 place on social media for community-sourced support & encouragement.

Our videos are careful curated for high-quality content! Unlike other platforms, our contributors follow strict guidelines, and our dedicated editors ensure that we take out the trash. 

Diversity is our first name.

Underrepresented people groups are our first priority. We believe that everyone deserves a voice, and representation makes a difference. We do not discriminate in our efforts to provide Pep! to the world. 

We are raising up communities and individuals, 10 seconds at a time.

Our goal is global impact, with Pep Squads in every country, curating locally-focused content and hosting community-centered events.


Do you get tingles when someone you love says, "I'm proud of you"? Do you remember the words someone said to you right before your SATs? Have you ever felt down and wished someone--anyone--was there to offer you comfort? Then you understand the power of Pep!
We are looking for sponsors who understand the value of receiving a few words of hope during those crucial moments, and share our vision of making those words available, 24/7, at no cost, to a global community. Are you ready to help Pep! rock the world? Call or email below!

We put the "AHH!" in "AHHPORTUNITY!" 

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The Passion Behind Pep!

Founder & Director Sky Kyo is a polymathic Cultural Architect and Entrepreneur currently residing in NJ, USA. The creator of The IDEA (The Inclusivity, Diversity & Equality Advantage) and a trained Life Coach, Sky is endlessly passionate about personal and community development. Her motto is Semper Disco--Always Learning. 

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