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Pep! is the home of 10 second pep talks, created by you!

 PEP is everywhere!  #PEP #pepgoesviral

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Pep! is the number one place on social media for crowdsourced support & encouragement!

During this time of global crisis, not everyone has access to one of the most essential things we need: support. Pep! is making hope, comfort and compassion available 24/7, 10 seconds at a time. 
Will you make a video, and make a difference?
Your Host, Limon Ra <3
We're excited to collaborate! Want to help Pep! rock the world? Email us now.


Is Pep free?

YES! Pep videos are posted for free, so anyone and everyone can share their Pep with the world! Pep will never sell your videos or information. Pep is not part of any company. It is a non-profit project, and we accept donations through our Ko-Fi account. 

How do I make a Pep video? 

Pep videos are between 10-30 seconds, and you can make it right on your phone! Speak from your heart, and blast out your best pep talk on any topic. Add your own unique style with costumes, singing, animation, etc. Edit your video until you're happy, and then send it to Pep! Who knows? Your Pep could change-or even save-someone's life!

Where will my video be posted?

Your Pep video may be posted on any or all of our social media streams. We may feature you on our website, or use your video in our advertising. We want to reach as many people with Pep as possible!

Where did the idea for Pep come from?

When Sky (see below) was going through a very dark time, feeling isolated and depressed, she looked to the internet for a source of support. But memes and Ted Talks weren't enough. Sky wanted more. She imagined the difference it could make in her life, and the lives of others, if everyone had instant access to words of inspiration, encouragement and kindness; "Just like, a short lil pep talk or something." and *bam* Pep was a thing. 

Who started Pep?

Pep was founded by Sky Kyo, who currently designs and manages all aspects of Pep, as well as playing the Peppy persona of Limon Ra.